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Christmas Gifts for Your Mexican Woman

hands wrapping a present.
Picking the right present is important when you’re dating a Latina.

It’s that time of year again. Check your thermometer, because the temperature’s probably dropped. Look outside the window, you might – depending on where you are in the world – see snow. Carolers are probably starting to show up in your neighborhood. Christmas is probably blaring in stores and in malls.

And you’ve probably gotten more than a few emails compelling you to take advantage of various sales and promos so you can get your holiday shopping done as soon as possible. Yes, it’s the holiday season and you’ve got a list of people that you need to get gifts for. You’ve checked off most of the names on that list.

But there’s one name that you haven’t managed to cross off just yet. One task that’s stubbornly refusing to be just done already. That name belongs to the Mexican woman you’ve been dating and crossing her name off your list has proven to be quite hard.

You’re not entirely sure what you should get her. Or you want to get her more than one thing. Either way, you’re at square one and you’re convinced that you’ve got no moves to play because you don’t know what Latina women like.

But don’t fret about it too much. Just because you don’t know what the next move is doesn’t mean there isn’t one. There are a few things you can get that, if they don’t go over well, are at least good enough to not be hated. Besides, you’re already dating a Latina. You’ve pretty much won the game already.

A scarf

Mexico is a pretty warm country, Latin America as a whole is pretty warm. It’s not the kind of country where people build snowmen in winter and drink hot cocoa by a crackling fire. So that woman you’ve married and are now spending Christmas with may not be accustomed to your climate.

She may know to put on a jacket, but she might not know that there are days when it’d be good to wear a scarf to keep her neck warm. She might not have ever seen a scarf before. It’s unlikely that she hasn’t, but there’s a slim chance.

So get her a scarf. Not only will it serve her during winter, it’ll help during autumn and maybe even some colder days in spring as well.

A bracelet

If you’ve already put a ring on her finger but you still want to get jewelry, then a bracelet is a pretty good option. You can get her something minimalist and tasteful. Maybe something in white gold or something understated so it complements but doesn’t overwhelm the ring you’ve already gotten her.


Jewelry is a pretty good staple for a lot of guys when it comes to picking out gifts for their significant others. A lot of women have their ears pierced and since you’ve already put a ring on her finger or at least hope to, you might as well put some rings on her ears.

A necklace

Speaking of jewelry, another staple you could put under the tree is a necklace. Maybe you can get her a pendant with her star sign if she’s into astrology. Or you can get her a locket so she can put pictures of the two of you in there.

A really nice bathrobe

What’s a really great perk about staying in a hotel room? Is it the minibar with its overpriced snacks? Is the room service that charges you way too much for a bowl of cereal? Or is that tiny bottles of shampoo and bodywash that barely contain enough to work up a lather? Or is the breakfast buffet that has all your favorites?

Or it could be that ultra soft bathrobe that comes with your room, the one that you’re tempted to pack in your suitcase and take home with you. Well, you can get your Mexican woman a robe that’s just like that, except that you won’t have to pay for a hotel room to get to one. You can just go ahead and buy one.

A cardigan

What’s great for lounging around the house on cold days and is so soft that it’s basically butter on your skin? A cardigan. You can put a cardigan under the tree and when she unwraps it, she can wear it for the rest of the day and the holiday season in general. Plus, it’ll come in handy during autumn – which may not be a thing in her part of Mexico.

A present being wrapped.
The right present can make Latina women feel really special and loved.

A really nice backpack

Do you know what feminine women want? A way to carry all of their things. Most guys can just stuff things into their pockets but women’s clothing barely has pockets that can fit their phone. So a lot of women use handbags. But the problem with handbags is that they leave women without one hand since they’re using it to hold the handbag.

But you know what she can use to carry all of her things while keeping her hands free? A backpack. A backpack can hold all of her things while keeping her hands free. She is probably going to appreciate having her hands unencumbered with a tote bag.

A new tablet

Okay, so you married someone from a foreign country and then brought them back to your own. Now they need to get acclimated to things, especially pop culture. What’s the best way to get familiar with local pop culture? Binge watching.

While America does export its pop culture basically all over the world, it wouldn’t hurt to get your partner a new tablet so she can binge watch all the big shows that make up the current pop cultural landscape of her new country and there are few better ways to binge watch a show than with a tablet.

Look, coming up with gifts is hard, especially if the majority of your relationship has been long-distance. You didn’t have the time to get to know each other like other couples did. But there are a few items you can get your Mexican woman that’ll make her feel loved and special while you’re both figuring each other out.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!