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Native Mexican Flowers that Latinas Love

latina holding pink flower
Latina Women welcome surprises of any kind, most especially flowers.

Flowers are every man’s date staple. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, they make these occasions memorable and special.

But if you look beyond their bright colors and their elegant appearance, they actually hold a deeper meaning to them. These flowers are associated with different values and distinct characteristics.

This is what is known as Floriography.

Floriography allows us to express our feelings in a way that words can’t — mainly because they are infused with symbolisms.

In Latin dating culture, it’s customary for men to give the woman they are courting flowers. This is how you declare your interest in dating a Latina.

Mexican women think highly of Mexican flora.

They are a key symbol to many Mexican holidays such as the Day of the Dead or Christmas. In fact, the poinsettia even originates in Mexican culture.

So if you are thinking of courting a beautiful Mexican woman, best be acquainted with their native flower and the meaning behind them.

Whether you are giving them simple and straight, or using them in your own DIY gift ideas, here are a select few that make ideal gifts:

1. Mexican Sunflower

The Mexican sunflower symbolizes faith, loyalty, and adoration.

These flowers are some of the most popular flowers in Mexico. They are often mistaken for a daisy because of their similar shrub-like form. The shade of their petals vary from yellow to red.

One shrub can produce about 100 flowers and can actively reseed themselves. These flowers can withstand tough conditions such as drought.

The Mexican flower blooms annually, only making it possible to acquire sometime summer to early autumn.

2. Laelia Orchid

Also known as the rosy-tinted laelia, the Laelia orchid is the flower of love, luxury and beauty.

This stunning flower has a touch of pale pink or purple in its petals. They either grow on trees or rocks. The Laelia orchid can often be seen as table centerpieces in households, making them an ideal gift for visitors.

The Laelia orchid blooms all year long, so you can never run out of these variants at the flower shop.

latina smiling
Flower shops in Mexico have a variety of flowers — you just have to choose the right one.

3. Mexican Honeysuckle

The Mexican honeysuckle symbolizes happiness.

These small, thin flowers have bright orange petals that make a great addition to your living room. Because of their sweet aroma, they are ideally placed in living rooms.

The Mexican honeysuckle makes an ideal gift during joyous occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays.

These flowers normally bloom in spring, so they may be difficult to come by. But they periodically bloom off-season.

4. Chocolate Cosmos

Beauty and order — these are what the Chocolate Cosmos represents.

Their petals go from dark red to brown. It also emits a mild cocoa smell, hence the name “chocolate”.

These perennial flowers bloom over the summer, but can be cultivated off season.

5. Mexican Poppy

As a symbol of peace and sleep, the Mexican poppy is often used for medical purposes.

They have been proven to treat injuries such as bruises or scratches. Their petals come in shades of white and yellow and can spread rapidly throughout a vast land.

These flowers are most prominent during springtime.

6. Belize Sage

The Belize sage stands for protection and healing.

It’s low maintenance and thrives both in compact and wide spaces, making it convenient to grow at home. Their petals are small in size and have a reddish-orange color.

These flowers bloom mostly during summer, but because of their versatile nature, it is possible to plant them anytime of the year.

7. Yucca Flower

When it comes to protection and purification, the Yucca flower is the best way to go.

Although it is named “flower”, this plant is technically a succulent. They bear fruit that is similar to a banana, although it is much smaller in size.

They are most commonly used for medical and cosmetic purposes. These flowers are not only fragrant, but parts of them are edible as well. Their petals are mostly white.

These flowers bloom only during the summer.

8. Dahlia

Dahlias are the national flower of Mexico.

It is a symbol of elegance, inner strength and commitment. They represent those who stay true to their beliefs and values.

These flowers have an unusual petal pattern, and their two-toned appearance makes them all the more mysterious and mystical.

Aside from their hypnotic appearance, they have been used for medical purposes as well, even as far as going back to the Aztec Empire.

These flowers blossom from summer to autumn.

latina smiling
Add a touch of your own style by making your own bouquet!

Creative gift ideas for her

Giving your partner a bouquet is nice and all. But once the flowers wilt, they will most likely be thrown away.

It’ll be nice to switch things up a bit and add a twist. A great example is by preserving these flowers.

This can help retain their color and fragrance, and it lasts much longer. Besides that, it also adds to the romantic factor, making it more meaningful and special.

Latina Women are sure to appreciate the sentiment of your personalized gift.

Preserving flowers

To dry flowers, hang them upside down in a dry and dark area with good circulation. It takes about 2-3 weeks to achieve this.

This technique works best on flowers with high liquid content such as the Laelia orchid or the Mexican Honeysuckle.

As for pressing flowers, you have to prepare a newspaper and a book. For bulky flowers, you might have to pluck the core or cut it in half, otherwise it wouldn’t turn out well.

Place the flower in the book layered with newspaper. Do not open it for about 2-3 weeks.

DIY Gift Ideas

Once you have your flowers ready, you can either make Framed Flowers, Flower Crowns or Potpourri.

For Framed Flowers, you simply have to place your pressed flowers in a framed glass. You can also have them arranged aesthetically.

To prepare Flower Crowns, you need floral wire. This serves as your base to form the crown and hold your dried flowers together.

Potpourris are quick to concoct. You can either choose pressed or dried flowers, much better if you choose the highly aromatic ones.

Place the flowers in a jar, add a bit of essential oil and viola! Your potpourri is ready to go.

Most Women in Mexico love a good surprise when it comes to gifts. And while bouquets are still appreciated, it's a breath of fresh air to receive something different.

But whether you choose to personalize your gifts or not, it’s up to you. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 10 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 16 July, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!