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Hundreds of Mexican Women for Marriage Await!

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Ways to Successfully Court a Mexican Woman

Candid photo of a Latina woman.
Pursuing Latinas is worth the effort.

For starters, it’s important we know the difference between dating and courtship.

If we compare it to punctuation marks, dating would be the comma and courtship would be the period.

To explain: Dating is the process of getting to know someone. It’s comparable to a comma because you won’t know how it will end. There are infinite possibilities on how it will turn out. You both could realize you’re just meant to be friends, or worse, enemies.

In contrast, courting is different. You court a woman with the goal of marriage in mind. It’s comparable to a period because you’re making a full stop to your dating life. There are only two possibilities, she says yes or no to the proposal.

The purpose of courting is a commitment, which usually leads to marriage. On the other hand, dating is merely a way for you to explore your options.

Now that we’ve clarified that matter, it’s time to move on to ways to convince a Mexican woman to marry you (or, at least, for her to consider the idea of marrying you).

Earn her family's approval.

In Mexican dating culture, a man formally starts his courting journey with Pedir. It’s a long practiced tradition where you must visit the woman’s household and present yourself as a serious contender for her love.

The primary objective of the visitation is to gain the approval of her family. You’ll be asked a series of interrogating questions to prove your worth as a viable candidate to marry their family member. Most importantly, you need to gain “La Pedida” – her father’s consent to your relationship.

Below are a few helpful tips:

  • It’s important to make a good first impression. Start by extending a firm handshake. Make eye contact when speaking and listening. Lastly, smile genuinely.

  • Wear appropriate clothing. Ditch the suit and tie. You’re not going to a wedding. Instead, wear a decent shirt, your good pants, and a nice pair of loafers or boots.

  • Come with a gift. If you want to score some brownie points with her father, find out his favorite alcoholic drink and surprise him with it during your visit.

  • Make sure you do your homework about her family. This is important so you’ll have something to talk about. Awkward silence is never good.

  • Put on an effort to be charming. Before you get the girl, you need to get through her father. Hence, be charming towards him. Gain his trust. Make him like you by complimenting him whenever you can.

  • Finally, do your best, but don’t be a try-hard. Trying too hard can be a turn-off for most. Keep it within the minimum, never over.

If you’ve succeeded in getting her family’s blessing, the real journey will now officially commence. It’s time to focus all your efforts on stealing her heart and gaining her affection.

Give her gifts and shower her with affection.

Make her feel special and adored by occasionally offering her gifts. Get her something special that reflects your love for her.

It doesn’t matter how big or small, cheap or expensive the gift is, as long as you put thought and feelings into giving it. She’ll surely appreciate the effort.

Here are some romantic gifts to surprise Latina women with:

  • Flowers - Get a bouquet of her favorite flowers and send them to her.

  • A box of chocolates - Nothing is sweeter than a box of chocolates. Find out her favorite kind.

  • Jewelry - If you want a gift that will last long term, get her a lovely necklace or bracelet. Every time she sees it, it will remind her of you.

Word of advice: Generic gifts don’t give off the same impact as personal ones. Hence, put a personal touch every time you’re buying her presents. Consider what she likes and dislikes.

Always display charm and chivalry.

Aside from the occasional gift-giving, you also need to show off your charm and adoration towards her. Hail her beauty and flood her with positive words and affirmations.

At the same time, be a gentleman whenever you’re with her. Always be respectful and polite. Offer to open doors for her, help her pull out a seat, and walk her home after a date. These are merely a few ways on how to attract a Hispanic woman.

Take her by surprise with romantic gestures.

A photo of a couple on a date with a mariachi band playing in the background.
Surprise Latina women with a mariachi band and watch them smile for days.

Create a memory she’ll never forget. One way to do this is by orchestrating a romantic serenade at night. If you want to be extra, you can hire a mariachi band and have them play outside her window while you stand in the middle, holding flowers.

Gestures like these are not out of the ordinary, especially when you’re dating in Mexico. Men are expected to try their best when courting women. Some even go beyond making fools of themselves just for the woman they love to notice them.

In Latin America, la serenata is the most common way to get the attention of Latinas.

The guy waits for the girl by her window so he can serenade her with a love song. If the girl enjoyed the performance, she’ll tell him by throwing him her handkerchief. If she doesn’t, a family member will throw a bucket of water towards the guy instead. Hence, if you don’t have a talent for singing, just hire a band.

Make her want you (be more attractive).

A relationship works two ways. You need to be attracted to one another. There’s no use in courting a woman who has zero interest in you. So before going all out, make sure she likes you (even a little bit).

Below are some ways to make you appear more attractive to her:

  • Confidence is key. Remind yourself that you are a desirable man. Lift your chin up, draw your chest out, straighten your shoulders, and smile like you’re running for a public position.

  • The more she laughs, the more she’ll fall for you. Women love funny men. So make her laugh whenever you can.

  • Women appreciate good listeners. Let her lean on you when she needs it. The more you lend her your ear, the more she appreciates you and your company.

  • Exert effort in making yourself look great. Don’t do it just for a girl. Do it primarily for yourself. Get a gym membership, work out, and stay fit.

  • Maintain proper grooming and good hygiene. Looking well-polished and groomed will drastically make you more attractive. Hence, shower every day and be hygienic.

  • Show off your strengths and assets. Show her what you can offer to the relationship and her.

A photo of a couple smiling.
One way to make Latinas fall in love with you is by making them laugh.

Bonus Advice

Behave like a true gentleman not only during the courting period, but also before and after. Be consistent in this trait and your Mexican woman will never leave your side.

Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, 17 July, 2024 - Tuesday, 23 July, 2024
Your opportunities here are truly worldwide. Explore our site deeply to see how you can realize that!